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Toyota Dealer Servicing - are you getting proper service?

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I recently had my Toyota serviced at my local dealer. It was the second service , the first being the complimentary service from the dealer when i bought the car.

The story starts with the first service, where i had bough the car from a Toyota dealer outside my area. When i received the car I noticed the rubber on the window blade was torn and perished. This got me thinking about the claimed service that it was supposed to have had. When i inspected the car thoroughly it turned out that it had not had the service. When i asked the sales guy he was adamant that it was done. So i had to put together photographic proof. So, in the end they sent me the parts so i could service the car.

Last week it just had its second service with another dealer local to me. When i got home I noticed Oil over the front bumper. After being bit once with Toyota Servicing I decided to go through the check list they gave. And guess what? it was half arsed service again.

  • Oil on front bumper
  • Oil over engine cover
  • Half full windscreen washer fluid 
  • Air filter not checked (engine dust untouched)
  • Battery not checked (engine dust untouched)
  • Pollen filter untouched.

They could not clean the car due to covid, but the guy was happy to sit in my car with zero PPE or vehicle protection.

I complained to the service manager who got back to me after his holiday (who lets email sit 4 days when your the service manager? 😒) and had the car collected. basically they did the bits they wanted and chucked a bucket of water over it and thats all your gonna get for your £190.

The point of this post is, when you get your car serviced, please check the check list they claim to have done. I am sure this has been done many times to customers and gotten lazy. Only takes someone like me to pick up on it.










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Apart from things not being done, some service centres advertise let's say an 80 point service for £100 and go on to list the 80 things.

But, not all of the things will apply to your car.  So, you end up getting a 40 point service and paying for 80.

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On your first service, if that had happened to me I would of sue them for money for sure. I don't stand for BS like that in recent years, it's fraud. 

You let them off lightly. I mean even the average man don't have the knowledge to service a car let alone the tools. I don't use the dealer for services after warranty period. 

Hope that these garages are in the minority. 

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Car had first service today. My first visit to my local dealer.

Had one of those mini videos of the underside,  with commentary, which seems to be a feature carried out by other garages.

 Pleased to obtain 10% discount via TOC membership. The saving paid for half of the tank of petrol I bought, first fill up since 9 March.

Dealer was pushing service plans to me and  to another customer, making the point that their prices would increase in  January.


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1 hour ago, deltapapa said:

Dealer was pushing service plans to me and  to another customer, making the point that their prices would increase in  January.

Service prices must be due an increase so it is quite possible .....

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Something definately lacking for sure at some dealerships.

Just a point on car wash/clean. The main dealer I use for our two Toyotas do state that a car wash will be included IF TIME PERMITS - it not a given thing it will happen. 

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