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Air conditioning not working

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Hi all

i have an issue with a 2010 model.  The air conditioning is not working.  I had the system regassed but the compressor clutch won’t engage.  I can remove the relay and put a jumper cable between pins 30 and 87 and the compressor clutch engages.  The fault I think is on the signal path to ecu.  I have 12v trigger when button is pressed ( green light comes on) and blower fan is switched on. Relay works on bench test 
I have jumped the pressure switch and this didn’t do anything.  From the Circuit diagram I have, I am looking at the air con amplifier or the pressure sensor (3 wire type That feeds the ecu direct). I can’t find either of these and suspect they are hidden behind the dash. Can anyone help or give me pointers to find these or what to do next 

thanks Roseyp

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