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Another locking quirk Corolla Hybrid GR sport 2L

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Hi Guys

Now i though for a while i was going mad but the locking process for my vehicle has just thrown me another curve ball.

I was convinced that if  i forget to lock my vehicle after leaving it parked it will self lock . Now this does not happen unless i use the fob.

WRONG if i leave all the windows open the car will central  lock and engage mirrors into parking mode after 30 secs or so. However the windows remain open

unless i operate the lock mode using the fob. I am puzzled as to why you should automatically lock the car but leave the windows open, I would be delighted 

to hear from any interested parties before i get sectioned ☹️

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Definitely sounds like you have a fault or a weird Customised setup, GR sport is fairly conventional

Lock & unlock is via key button only, it does not have keyless lock/unlock function only keyless start/stop

no UK Toyota is set to autolock if you have opened then closed a door then just walk away

Only auto lock function is if you press unlock and do not open a door after 30 seconds the car will re-lock assuming the unlock was an accidental key press.

Window open/close function only works ( when set via customisation ) when pressing/holding the unlock/lock button.

Simple issue that could cause this is a faulty door pin switch which is not seeing the drivers door being opened, does the door open diplay show when unlock and open the drivers door?


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I know a garage mechanic I use insists in opening drivers window whilst he works on car during servicing. This is because of this auto locking feature. He does this procedure for all makes of cars.


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