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Revving Avensis

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I'm new to this site and am not sure if this is how you start a forum or not but I'm going to try it anyway. I have a 2009 Toyota Avensis petrol 1.8. When driving in gear the car is fine but when the clutch is depressed or neural engages it will often rev up to 3000 revs drop back down rev again and do this sort of "pulsed revving" several times. Any ideas please anyone? Thanks.

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I have the same sometimes, though not the high 3000 rpm! I think there are a couple of reasons - the engine ECU compensating for load and not responding, the idle needs to reprogrammed/ the driver may have inadvertently triggered idle learning mode without realising, making the idle erratic! 
I replied to someone in the Auris forum with the fix I used - 
The ZR Valvematic engine, is a good engine, so long as the Oil is changed with good quality stuff. The idle speed depends on a lot of things as mentioned. If the Battery has been changed recently, the ECU will forget it's idle settings. I had this problem after replace the Battery recently. It idled so low that it even stalled. I used a procedure to relearn the idle, once the engine had warmed up. 
The procedure is - warm engine and everything off (heater fan, lights, radio etc.) Press and hold brake pedal, then turn key to IGN - don't start! Wait a few secondsthen turn off. Still pressing the brake pedal and start the engine, letting it idle for 3 to 5 minutes, still pressing the brake pedal. The engine will learn the idle much faster. 

Give it a try, as I used it also reduce the high idle speed too! 

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