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Bluetooth Music Not Playing

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Try removing the bluetooth connection from both your phone and the Touch 2 system, then re-pair. I've had the same issue a couple of times, usually after a software update on my phone.

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Thanks lxh22.

I reached out to Toyota and they responded!

Apparently, if the software is updated to the latest version, this fixes the issue (must be a known problem?). To update the software you have to update the maps (who knew?) - usually £119 but (apparently) I have a 3-year map subscription (had no idea, never use them - Google Maps does it all)

So... long storey short, managed to download the map update and upload to the car via USB (takes a while), which does indeed seem to fix it.

The only slight wrinkle is that Toyota started by saying I had to pay for the map upgrade and would not accept that this software fix should be done under warranty. Not a 'manufacturing defect' apparently! Surely not wear and tear on software, so I'm not sure where this falls. I still disagree with them on this but the free map upgrade got over it so I'm getting on with life.

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