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2015 Toyota Yaris. Daytime Running Light

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I have a 2015 Toyota Yaris. Both Daytime Running Lights (Near & Offside) have blown. Is the daytime running lamp (filament) in the same bulb as the Headlight/Full Beam?

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There are two types:

Standard models have a shared twin filament W21/5w these perform both DRL @ 21w and dim to 5w as sidelight

Higher models have a Shared LED setup bright for DRL dimming for sidelight

Its unusual for them to blow very for both, just a point after turning the ignition key on the DRL only turn on with the engine running, in gear (auto) & parking brake off, once on they then stay illuminated, dimming when side/headlights are on so if you were just turning the ignition on then getting out to check they would still be off.

Higher end DRL.jpg


Standard type DRL.jpg

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Hi Lee

Many thanks, this is just what I needed to know, i.e., the Daytime Running Light is part of the Sidelight.

Actually, only one of them had blown. The other must have had a dodgy connection because when I took it out to look at it, noticed it seemed ok and put it back, it started working and has been ok since.

Once more, thanks for the info

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