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Interior lights upgrade

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Brought an LED interior light upgrade kit. Most were easy to replace, only awkward ones were in the upper front console. The whole unit has to be levered out, unplugged then disassembled, in order to fit the LED plate. But it's worth it, now the cabin lights up, previous lights gave off about the same as a hot nail.





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I have recently, very nervously fitted LEDs to the puddle lights. I was convinced I was going to break something, but got away with it. I can't understand why the RAV4, a more recent vehicle, doesn't have the LEDs with a built in image like the CHR. 


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This is exactly how to gain access to the front ceiling lights. My Rav4 2020 limited hybrid works the same. LED lights now make a world of difference. Why did Toyota not go with brighter LEDs?

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I think there are different types of overhead console, maybe dependant on model or market location - so anyone attempting this be careful which type you have.

I have fitted LEDs on my 2019 Excel Premium, and the overhead unit came apart very differently.

I just removed the edge / cover trim, leaving the lighting units and all the switches in place, unfortunately I did not take any photos, but I did find a different U Tube video to explain the process.   

The lenses then remove, giving access to the "bulbs" from below.

Keep well



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