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To Wrap or not to Wrap?

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Never done a wrap before, enjoyed process but its rubbish, needs to come off as full of wrinkles, needed car so been using as is for past few days. I tend to do mirrors also.

I am a magpie for Purple, this wrap is black purple gloss. Its going to cost another £50 for materials and a prof is going to help and teach me circa £50.

Thoughts please. I can handle the good bad ugly. I own the car. 20200722_081151.thumb.jpg.6539c75afad125c8bd3347035d80a1d7.jpg





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Welcome Angel,...nice idea..love the concept (and the colour too)...but as you say, it needs to be done well.


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Hi Angel,

I really like the purple with the white but I would guess that the Mark 2 Aygo roof will be much more difficult to wrap than  the Mark 1 due to the shape, the two bumps don't make it easy, do they?

I know that you have chosen a really good quality wrap but before you splash out another £100, have you got a price for a professional wrap done up in Lanarkshire?  The professional wrappers will have the job done in no time and also make a good job of the very difficult mirror wrap at a cost of (I would guess) £200-£400.

Whilst you're at it, I bet that your Aygo would look stunning with  the roof, mirrors and.......What about wrapping the "X" on the front  in the same purple metallic? It would cost more but would look unique.

I've wrapped the B pillars and put headlamp (Smoke grey) wrap on the white heater control box in my Mark 1 and without a heat gun, confidence and a fair amount of bravery, even those small jobs weren't a walk in the park.

All the best and good luck!:thumbsup:

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The color looks great!

I watched videos about roofwraps, it looks quite technical:

I would use PlastiDip instead, it's much easier to use for a beginner. And the layer being thicker, it offers some protection.

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Did you use a heat gun and a felt squeegee ? Ideally you need 2 people to do a roof so you can pull it tight like a drum skin


Did you put it on wet (fine mist of water) or Dry ?

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Its the KPMG airelease from MDP. Applied dry by myself and my BF helping with heat gun. All airbubbles came out just the areas where creases occurred, was too late to lift and heat to try fix the creases.

Lessons learnt so far. 

Outside is not the way when, windy, scorchio hot and seeds blowing of trees. Lol or your fella is on one.

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You did well,I'd say.

Putting the Yoshimura red stripes on mine was a bit of a pain, the left side needs doing again as it's too high at the back....it's best done when it's not too cold as it was when I put mine on. I did it with a mist sprayer.

I've recently discovered a clear, anti UV film from m, which is the best way to stop polycarbonate plastic headlights from going cheesy. When the film itself gets tatty from stone impacts, you simply peel it and put a new bit on.

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