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Diesel fuel leak return from pump - 4.2 2002 D4D

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Anybody had a diesel fuel leak on the return from the pump on a 4.2 2002 D4D. What failed , where was the leak? I've had the timing belt changed and apparently the mechanic noticed a leak on the road test. But is now not sure exactly where the leak is coming from around the rear of the engine, annoyingly I was hoping to have vehicle back today!

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Got me RAV back😀 Mechanic thought it was the short rubber return pipe from pump to metal fuel line at back of engine. But changing that did not fix leak. So he removed fuel pump, which OBS required removing the new timing belt that he had just fitted☹️ Testing the pump relieved the cause of fuel leak to be a small faulty washer 😤 Thanks to Tony @ TDV Runcorn for testing pump rather than just charging me for changing it for a new fuel pump! OBS also for finding leak before leak resulted in fire!


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