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T27 2010 Estate Tailgate Button?

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Hi all, 

Having a slight issue wherein my tailgate/boot button doesn’t seem to fully actuate with one single press (and release). The boot kind-of unlocks and you have to click the button once or twice more to fully disengage the lock and open the boot. 

if I hold the button as I open, it’s fine, like a single actuation isn’t enough. 

I recently replaced the lock mechanism with a brand new Toyota dealer part and had the issue before and now. 

Is it the solenoid? I’m struggling to find any solenoids online, can anyone help? 



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If the release is working, the solenoid is fine. It could need adjustment or lubricating. I have a slightly older in age (2009) Tourer, so will check the operation. I am sure I have to press the button to release the door, but on the odd occasion lift the tailgate with the button pressed. I will silicone grease the mechanism.  

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Checked my tailgate and you have to hold the button until clear of the catch. Once clear you release the button and can open the tailgate fully.

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