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Aygo Stereo differences

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I have a 2019 Aygo and after an accidental item throwing incident the touchscreen on my stereo was smashed!

I’ve bought a replacement on eBay and swapped it over but noticed it had a different model number. Anyone know the difference between 861400H071 (The one I took out) and 861400H020 (the replacement I put in)?


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Did the original have Apple Carplay/Android Auto - has three knobs on the unit? Does the replacement also have three knobs or two?

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They both have 2 knobs,

Not really sure what the Apple/android things are if it did have them I never used them! Here are pictures of both. The replacement seems to be working fine, connects to my phone picks up all stereo signals so I’m not really worried about the difference just curious 😀

I think the replacement came of a Peugeot 108 if that might explain it?



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Sorry to jump on this.  The touchscreen on mine has stopped responding on the right hand side and Toyota quoted over £2.5k to replace it when the car was serviced recently.

I have a 2014 x-clusiv and obviously would prefer to replace with a used unit.

Are these easy to change over and is any coding required? Does anyone know if the 2014 model can take the newer version mentioned (good to get an updated version if that’s possible but appreciate it’s easier to drop to an older version than up to a newer one in many cases).  I would be looking for someone to do this for me and don’t want ripped off.

All advice appreciated before I spend any money.

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I put the newer model stereo in my daughter's 2014 Aygo, taken from a 2018 Aygo I think. The result was full access to DAB, Carplay and Android Auto.  It's a great upgrade.

It was a straight plug and play swap and as far as I know, there is no coding. There are two variants with the stereo with the 3 buttons on the front.  One comes with DAB and the other doesn't. If your current Aygo does not have DAB, then there's no need to go for the version with DAB, if you do, everything else will work fine except the DAB function.

They do come up for sale on eBay when a Aygo is being broken down, but they sell very fast.  I waited ages for one.  Expect to pay approx £250 to £300, but I see the breakers increasing their prices, now that they know they are a easy upgrade.

If you do a forum Search, you should find more information.

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