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Brake sticking on and handbrake a bit stiff

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Hi all,g at


I have got an issue with my Mk1 Auris 2007 1.6L petrol. The rear near side (passenger) brake seem to be intermittently sticking and the alloy felt a little hot when I toiched it ( as well as poor acceleration) . It's been doing this for a little while and is most likely when the handbrake has been on, but after half a mile or so it is OK. 

The other issue is that the handbrake only takes 1 click to fully lock sometimes but at other times takes 3-4. I think the issues are related but not sure how.


Has anyone had this issue or can give any advice on these 2 issues??


My plan this weekend is to take the wheel off and see:-

if the caliper glide pins are sticking and lube them

check piston 

check if brake pipe.


DO I need to do any checks of the handbrake mechanism?


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