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2002 Corolla E12 - Strange noises on right hand side while driving

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Hi everyone,

So I recently noticed my car making strange noises on the right side. First it was a ticking noise, now it is a growling, similar to a noisy tire. I have also noticed my steering has gone lighter. I don't notice the noise as much as I speed up. I want to say my car is peforming worse but it could be a placebo. I can't hear anything with the windows down, the windows have to be up for it to be audible.

I would love some advice, thanks.

2002 Toyota Corolla E120 1.4L at 121k Miles

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If you jack the car up on the side you hear noise from. Lock your steering wheel straight. Put both hands on the wheel left and right and see if the wheel moves slightly.  If so. It may well be a wheel bearing.

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Also another thing to check is the anti roll bar link bushing, mine started making a clicking thumping sound and turned out it had worn away, got it replaced for a tenna. If you Google it you'll see what it looks like but it looks like a wishbone or a thin rod behind the brake disc.

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My mother's E12 had a similar noise coming from the right rear wheel, and I tough it was a wheel bearing. Went to the shop and brake pads had to be replaced. The wheel didn't moved freely but after replacing the brakes, all was well 'till today

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I have exactly the same issue on my E12 2004, with 172,000km . And I suspect it is chain stretch.

The sound is most audibly if you let of the throttle,at mid or high rpm. The does not have to be moving.

And mine got a lot worse today because I did a burnout. But I did not get any cam or crank error code yet. Which makes me think it could also be some else. 

Weirdest thing is that I you can hear it best inside with the windows closed. And when you stand under the hood you don't hear anything.


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