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Sunvisor DIY redneck fix

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 Ok, so a few years back, passenger side sunvisor broke and would stay down (due to plastic breaking and metal springy part pushing out of plastic cover).

Second hand ones nowhere to be found, I bought a new one from Toyota at the price of 48 Euro. Last week driver's sunvisor broke (exactly the same problem), now they want 71 Euro. Hell NO.

I phoned around, again couldn't find a used one anywhere, seems it's common issue.

So, long story short, I fixed it up with a couple of bolts, see pics.

Here are the steps:

1) remove the sunvisor from car. Plastic cover has 4 clips diagonally, unlcip those with small flathead, then pull down, whole thing will come out.

2) Hold plastic parts firmly, then turn the part with the clip anti clockwise until the spring goes back inside the plastic (u will know as when it's back in, as u will be able to close the plastic parts fully when you push the 2 sides together).

3) Drill holes between the 2 plastic parts.

4) Insert nut and bolt and tighten. Cut bolt to length.

5) Reinstall.

 It will now work perfectly. 

ugly? Sure (when sunvisor open, when closed u can't tell a thing.) If you are careful u can make this fix almost invisible - by hiding the nut under the cover, I wasn't, I was angry and in a hurry and couldn't care less about appearances as long as it worked.

Functional? 100%




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adding final pics



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