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Dab+ Avensis T27


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I'm new to Dab+, since i've always used FM radio. Now i'm getting bored of the same 3 radio stations and i would like some more channels without having to use my phone all the time through the bluetooth.

Instead of buying one of these Dab+ reciever thingys that you glue to the dashboard, is it possible to replace the antenna only? Or do i have to rewire cables from the antenna to the stereo with some special dab+ wires? Like i said, i have no idea, and i can't really find much on it when it comes to toyota. All i see are these recievers you buy that you glue to the dashboard and you glue an antenna to the window as well... It looks ugly.. Are there any other way to get dab+ without all these wires, recievers and a second antenna in the window?

Greetings from Norway

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