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2015 Toyota auris headlight pattern?


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I have recently converted my halogen headlight bulbs to LED ones on my auris. But the left headlight's lighting pattern seems to be quite off compared to the right. 

Both sides LED are at the same position inside the lens, (3 and 9 o'clock)

I have seen other guys headlight projections on the wall with LED's and are actually okay. What might be wrong? Thank you in advance. 

Here are some visuals



https://imageshack.com/i/pozYz3pzj // In this image, lower left portion of the road is clearly saturated with light, where very little of it gets to the road ahaed. 



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I can only think that the LED bulb is not an accurate enough copy of the HIR2 bulb filament - that would be its 3-dimensional positioning within the headlamp enclosure, but also its effective 'filament' length.  And the uniformity of its brightness across the (several?) LEDs in its construction, perhaps?

I have tried an HIR2 LED bulb in our 2013 Auris gen2 phase 1 model with reasonable success.  The company making the LED bulb made a selling point of the fact that the two opposing LED 'chains'  (which, like yours, are also set at 3 and 9 o'clock) are mounted on each side of a very thin circuit board.  I would put a link up, but the one I have is broken, and the Chinese website AliExpress, where they came through, seems to be unavailable at the moment. 

But, my some of my criteria are possibly different to yours - I didn't choose a bulb with exceptional light output (this, so as not to dazzle other drivers), and also chose a 'warm' colour temperature.  The beam pattern on these LED bulbs is good - I have deliberately had the LED-equipped car follow behind me for some miles; the headlamps were not annoying or distracting, although they are an improvement, but this is subjective, my wife doesn't notice the difference, for instance.  The beam pattern against a wall is also good.

And the colour balance of an incandescent bulb is a more pleasant illumination to drive behind - the LED light output is stark and harsh, as seems to be the case on factory-fit LED headlamps I have driven with (on other makes of car).  But that's just my opinion, obviously.

On some other LED bulbs in an HIR2 pattern, the bulb itself can be rotated independantly of its 'twist-and-lock' retainer, to get the best beam pattern.  That is not the case with yours I guess?

Does the pattern follow the bulb if the LEDs are swapped l/h to r/h?

Is yours Auris a phase 2 (i.e. 2015 onwards)?

What were the make of the LEDs (might be worth other knowing to avoid this make and design!).

Could you give a link to the seller, and/or a picture of the LED bulb?

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Hi Gerg, thank you for your informative response! 

First of all, trying out a LED bulb with a thinner pcb might be the solution. But this is what bugs me: "why is the pattern on the right just fine and the one on the left is distorted?"

Yes, mine is also adjustable in the axis of rotation, but as the LED's move away from the nominal positions (3 and 9 o clock) the projection gets worse. So I guess the configuation of the LED's is not the problem here. 


here is the link for my specific LED's

I will be trying to swap the places of te LED's l/r and r/l. If the distorted vision switches to right side, it would be obvious that there is something wrong with that particular LED. 

However, if the pattern is still the same, then I would think the left and right headlight lenses are not identical. I know that left one is supposed to be aimed lower not to blind oncoming drivers, but hey. 

Yes, mine is a Auris phase 2.

I have also found the correct headlight projection of my exact make and model car, here is the image; 


It should be like this. Where in my case, the L headlight spreads the light towards the bottom left corner. Right side seems to be ok though.


One more question. Can adjusting the headlight aim have an effect on this? I might try adjusting the headlight with a screwdriver up/down and right/left. Maybe it somehow has an effect on how the lens focuses the light. *sigh*.

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Hmm, interesting.

My LEDs don't have the ability to rotate in their holder.

I have found this image from another website of the ones I have (for comparison).


I can not say I wholly recommend them, not least because the technical help was very poor when I reported a problem (not beam related), but anyway....

But they are less than half the price of normal Toyota dealer supplied HIR2s.

The beam pattern is like this, left is LED, right is HIR2 halogen.



Or in the dark, it looks like this, with the bulbs still mixed (obviously I don't use the car with mixed bulbs!).


The beam pattern will be slightly different to yours, even with the same bulbs, as these are the early phase 1 headlamp design that Toyota will change to an improved, identical-looking, version if requested, if the car is still within the warranty.  Yours (phase 2) has the improved beam pattern by default.

It is a pity that my photos don't show the light spread especially well.

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Your light patterns look just fine. 

And the other thing I saw with your LED's is that they have an adjustment knob for something. You can see it as the black hole, right in the middle of the body. Maybe you can even get better result by playing around with that. 

Mixed bulbs look awfully appealing for some reason 😛

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Ah, that picture is misleading! What you are seeing is actually a sunken black Philips screw that attaches the two metal halves together.

They have used a rivet on the upper half of the body, I don't know why. If it were 2 screws then I might have taken it apart to look inside in more detail. 

Your LED looks basically very similar. The one I have has no extra 'control box' in the connector lead, just a fan in its base, as yours sounds to have in the video. 

It is surprising they can perform so differently. 

There is a very lengthy thread about replacing HIR2 bulbs with LEDs in the UK electric car forum "speakev", in the Vauxhall Ampera section. Those cars are similarly afflicted. Some of it is relevant to the Auris's headlamps. The LEDs I bought were suggested by a poster on there. 

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Will definitely check it out mate. Thanks for your help. 


Any other help is greatly appreciated btw 😃

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I have one from Bevinsee on my 2016 Auris (phase II). 


It is cheap but not sure how long it will last, the beam pattern is good and wide on the passanger side but does not illuminate properly on the driver side .    It is indeed not as good as HID or halogen bulb although this particular LED match exactly where the filament is.  It is something to do with the projector spherical symmetry that cannot be reproduced by thick LED.   I know some people use GTR Ultra 2 in Corolla IM/Auris which works great.  But it cost $200 +tax and shipping.


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Hello, I own 2017 Toyota Auris (hatchback) and I'm trying to adjust the headlights, I found the way to adjust the position up and down but I can not find the way to move it left or right can someone please help me and of course if you can take a picture to show where it's located.

Thank you

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