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Trip computer range issue

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Morning all

Odd thing happened at t'mill to today. Or in fact recently. 

After filling the car with diesel and resetting the computer (twice), and after driving 80km the trip computer is saying the normal 5.3l/100km in terms of consumption and the range is being given as 580km. 

For a 55l tank and a consumption of 5.3/100 I'd expect just over 1000km range.  

I'm also finding that the dash is giving low fuel warnings when there are 10-15L left in the tank.

Are these known bugs?  And way to make the computer read more accurately?  



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How much did you fill the tank by? If less than 15 litres, false readings can occur. 

Toyota is conservative re fuel reserves, and the low fuel light will come on when the car is approaching the reserve, rather than when approaching empty. Your owners manual should give information on what the reserve is.

For example the reserve for the later Verso is 8.3 litres (diesel) and 9 litres (petrol). Yours will probably be similar.

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Thanks for the reply.

The car was reading empty. I filled it to when the pump stopped which was 43l. 

I think the tank is supposed to be 55l. So 8l delta seems consistent (ish) although not empty....

But this doesn't explain the range itself being given so wildly out of sync with consumption.  Any thoughts on that?  I'm about to start a so was hoping that this above all things would work.  Maybe a Battery pull?


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