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fitting a baby car seat with the Verso seat backs in most upright position.

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      Can anyone help? I am looking o fit a child car seat in my Verso 2013. The car handbook specifies that the vehicle seat back must be in the most upright position, which is vertical.

This makes it impossible to fit a forward facing mode child seat safely. Toyota technical have been of no help at all. Any one else had same problem? Thank's.                                                                                                                                                                                                   

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we have tried a couple, both Joie Stages and Every Stage seats. Think they will all be the same, the problem is that with the car seat back in this vertical position it pushes the back of the child seat way too forward causing it to be unsafe leaving the child seat hanging off the front of the cars seat and a gap behind the child seat that is too big. Everyone we have spoken to including Toyota car dealerships say the handbook instruction is rediculous and that we should not have looked in the manual and to just have the seat back in the same position as we normally do for passengers which allows for correct fitting of child seat. Just wondering if everyone else just ignores the handbook advice.

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i would place the car seat on the back seat and then adjust the cars seat back

until it comes into contact with the car seat at that point lock the seat back in place

you know your child will be comfortable and be safe and secure when the seat belt is in place

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