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Creaky noise from clutch pedal


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Hi All,

So the clutch pedal is making this creaky noise on pressing  and releasing.

On the Auris, I don't see a fork and not sure what to grease.

I've recorded the noise from master cylinder and on top of Bell House, same noise picked up in the engine bay.

Some post talk about replacement of the master cylinder, how can confirm?

On my corolla,  it was the pivot point on the fork, and I  cured it by greasing it by removing rubber  gromet.



Clutch-gearbox.m4a Clutch-master.m4a

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Your clutch slave should be inside the bell housing, mounted on the clutch itself, something like this.

I also had cars make the creaking noises, and my Auris now does make some noise, not like creaking, but i dont know how i would describe it, not so loud, for years, still works fine.

If it's not broken, don't fix it. 


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Well its not broken but !Removed! annoying noise constantly on start stop traffic. Seems to worse during warm weather, early this morning its was barely noticeable.


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So, during warm, dry weather its more anoying, but during mornings it's not. Sound like the dew lubricates it a bit :).

Considering the slave is inside the housing, on the clutch, i would not spray anything there. 

Pretty stupi design imo, i still prefer the slave being on the outside.

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12 minutes ago, furtula said:

i would not spray anything there

I used to use a long handle small brush to grease the pivot on the fork.

I can see the slave in the bell housing with my endoscope camera, just need know what is safe to smear the grease.

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The piston operates the clutch spring directly.

I would guess the spring inside the slave cylinder (like the one in the picture) might be what's creaking. 

You can try to apply a bit of grease on it, but i doubt you can cover the whole spring.

You also need to keep in mind that due to centrifugal force applied to it , it might throw the grease all over the bell housing.

Your grease might be thick, but take in account also the heat from the engine.

I'd still wont touch it, as it works fine.

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Thanks furtula, will see how I feel about doing it, if in doubt I'll back out.

Its strange how the sound is coming from inside the bell housing, at first sounds like the pedal, then you look under there, and think the sound is from the pinston on the master cylinder.

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Unfortunately I have not been able to progress anything further, the noise is there, dry weather makes it louder.

Also not sure exactly where to spray apply the grease, old corolla had a pivot point and thats where i applied but with Auris its different.

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Had it for years on Mazda 3. It was where the slave was pushing on the fork, on the outside of the car. Silent during rain and humid mornings, noticeable during drier days. Did not influence the function of the clutch though.

Some grease would fix it for a few months, until the water would eventually wash it out, as i did not have the underside tray.

Not sure if your Auris has slave cylinder inside the clutch, or outside, but it's quite easy to identify.

Just follow the clutch line down to the gearbox, and see if it's connected to slave on the outside, should look like the picture below, or similar.

If yes, the marked tiny piston is what operates the clutch fork from the outside. You need to apply some grease between it and the clutch fork.

I would usually push the clutch fork by hand, or some lever, a bit, so i can get the grease to coat the whole thing. 


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