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Centre console removal

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The cigarette lighter/power socket on my 2011 Hybrid has failed - I need to either replace it as is, or install a dual power socket and USB charger. Both will need access to the underside of the existing unit - how do I remove the console to achieve this?

Alternatively, is there a power take-off point in the wiring that I can tap into for the additional socket/USB?

Thanks in advance



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How do you know its failed they are very basic, outside is ground, centre pin is positive and rarely go wrong, it's the plugs that fail, or it pops its glass fuse  or if its been forced to many times

check the 10 amp fuses (2 fuses if you have the rear and boot aux power sockets)


https://www.toyota-tech.eu/aimuploads/{3A402EE3-8E79-A6EA-5519-A52DD5A38E79}/Auris BT complementary RHD PZ456-00892-BT PZ402-00204-00 AIM 001 524-0.pdf

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I agree that cigarette lighter/power sockets are simple and rarely fail but I had used the socket to power a compressor to inflate the tyres prior to a long journey. At the start of that journey I plugged in a USB adaptor for my mobile phone (the satnav app drains the phone Battery rapidly unless the charger cable is in place), the power light on the adaptor came on briefly, then went out, no power to the phone. At the end of the journey, I tried the compressor again - no power.

Back home, I checked the socket with a multimeter - no power. The fuse for the socket is also the one for the audio system, which was functioning, so it seems to be the socket itself that is at fault.

The link you supply unfortunately does not cover the hybrid console and does not show the aux power socket as such.

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It's the same principal for removing the console, TBH its common sense

the Aux socket is on its own fuse No. 8 15 amp marked Cig (internal fuse box) under the glove box

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