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Blown Gasket & Engine Replacement

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It’s been 13 months since I bought my 2010 RAV4 2.5L AWD. After noticing a coolant leak and new check engine error codes led me to misfires in all engine cylinders, I swapped out my spark plugs and coils. I noticed a lot of coolant fluid floating at the bottom and shortly after started getting a ton of some thick, white exhaust. It seems pretty clear from this and the mechanics who’ve looked at it that there’s an internal leak, from a blown head gasket, stripped head bolts, or something else. I’m getting high estimates for investigating and replacing the head gasket and so am looking into replacing the engine altogether. 

I want to avoid a RAV4 engine that might have a similar problem -I’ve seen that the pre-2008s had an issue with the stripped head bolts and that the 2010-2011s might have a similar issue.

Are the 2012 and 2013 engines Good potentials for swapping in? Would they require a lot of modifications to fit the 2010 body? I really appreciate any experience with this issue!

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