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Hi can anyone help me I have a Aygo 2008. I have changed the rear wiper 3 times now because when it's in use it only wipes half of the back window I have try all sorts but  I'm guessing now that is it because the rear tail gate is curved so the wiper blade only cleans half screen.  Going to try if a 16 inch wiper instead of a 12inch blade. Just wanna know if anyone has changed the rear wiper blade from a 12 to a bigger size thank you 

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Way back when I had a 2008 Aygo Platinum it was possible to fit a rear wiper from a 2001-2004 Citroen C5 Saloon, anything longer was useless as they couldn't bend well enough to follow the screen so the ends always missed the glass 

Even the 350mm missed a small bit, see: https://citybugstore.co.uk/best-sellers/rear-wiper-blade-longer.html

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Hi Luke,

Get yourself down to your local "Wilkinsons" and buy one of these:


Take it out of the case, throw all the plastic adaptors away and just clip the thing onto the rear wiper arm. It works a treat......I've had one on mine for years.

All the best :thumbsup:

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