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Dab radio reception

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  • Devon Aygo changed the title to Dab radio reception

On 10/10/2020 at 7:31 PM, Nigel smith said:

Hi has anyone had problems with dab reception?

There is a Technical Service Bulletin from Toyota regarding Poor DAB reception:


Subject: Toyota Touch 2 - Poor DAB-reception on OE-radio assy.

Models - Model Codes: C-HR - NGX10, NGX50, ZGX10, ZYX10; Hilux - GUN122, GUN125, GUN123, GUN126, GUN135

DESCRIPTION OF THE PHENOMENON Some customers driving vehicles equipped with Toyota Safety Sense-system and Front windshield glass mounted OE DAB-antenna may experience and report poor DAB-reception on DAB- radio stations they normally listen to. Poor DAB reception might be perceived via audible long mutes (no sound audible when listening to a DAB-radio station) OR the DAB-screen of the radio display will show as in below picture "No signal" for a longer period. Note : Long mutes / "No signal" for a longer period = approx. 30 seconds or more.

PRODUCTION CHANGE The following has been changed: The software of the Touch 2 Display Audio-unit has been changed to not result in a 30-seconds mute when searching for the same DAB-station with better reception quality.

PRODUCTION CHANGE INFORMATION Below included production change information includes the Touch 2 Display Audio-unit software change to respectively VE3947 or HE3947 for C-HR and XE3947 for Hilux, Noise filter & Plate adopted on both models


Also of note one of the issues corrected above is electrical noise near the DAB antenna from the TSS camera harness and noise filter is fitted to reduce this, installations of Dash cameras

in the area either side of the TSS camera have also been found to emit electrical noise and a filter may be needed for the dash camera power line (Dash cam filter is not a warrantable issue)

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I have a 68 reg c-hr and the DAB radio reception is rubbish compared to the 65 reg Auris that I had before it. I have started using FM again when I use the radio so I don’t have to retune all the time

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I’ve just had the “fix” for DAB reception today. They confirmed my software is up-to-date, but had to fit the in-line filter. Will have to see if it improves reception over the next few weeks.

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