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Speech commands

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38 minutes ago, mrmick53 said:

Hi all.

Is it possible to use speech commands for sat nav please? Every time I try it, all I get is PARDON?  Corolla 2020 1.8 Hybrid.



Have you checked in your Handbook Mick ?

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5 minutes ago, mrmick53 said:

Hi yes I have. I seem to be able to give a command but it is not understood?

Mick, if you are giving the Command exactly as the procedure and the Handbook requires, then try giving it in a regional dialect eg Souse, Cockney, tyneside etc.

Have you checked that the Command is listed ?

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When you short press the "Talk" button you get Toyota and on screen there are options displayed if you press more commands you can see the entire list, you have to match these exactly any deviation and you will get "Pardon"

A long Press will get you either Google or Siri which voice function are you talking to?

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