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Prius PHV 2018 replaced by 2020


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Well, I suppose it had to happen, especially as finance deal was ending.


Differences noticed, and mentioned elsewhere -

Full back seat

RSA still rubbish ( I have a courtesy Yaris at the moment = equally rubbish - don't ask!!!! )

No climate setting on charge, but I do have 'new' options, traction Battery heater - not too sure what it does, first charge on a coldish night only gave 30.9mpg, choice of charge Max or 8A

Entertainment console updated, buttons instead of touchscreen menus, slightly larger and more prominent

No 'white' plastic on steering wheel and surrounding drive buttons - with irony it means those button harder to see in shade!

Stupid between front seat box still opens with passenger-side hinge!

Front seat heater controls now between cup holder and phone charger, shallower well for the phone

HUD still very limited options.

I sense the dash space allocated to speedo and hybrid monitor are both slightly wider as there's no longer any logos etched in the glass at both sides.

Reversing cam adjustment on the touch screen itself, rather than a settings option

Aqua-Green still better 😄 😄

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No, sorry, nothing was mentioned - this car was ordered in September, no one mentioned any newer model coming out.

Apart from us and one other owner the phv are non existent in NE Scotland, actually make that 3 - our old car has already sold. - Heck we rarely see any 'ordinary' Prius.

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18 minutes ago, Ten Ninety said:

I don't suppose the headlights work any better either?


I'll let you know!


From the dealer

Correct, yours is essentially the MY19 however I don’t believe there is any difference with the MY20. It is just to keep a record of production years/dates mainly. The difference with your new Plug-In was the deletion of the rear middle arm rest giving a 5th seat.

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Is there any 360 camera in Your 2020? (if so... what do You think about it)

I'm about to testdrive (and maybe swap/trade in our Prius Plug In 2015 gen1) one 2018 Executive (highest trim in Sweden) and one 2020 Executive with the "new extras" as You mentioned abowe.

We realy don't need five seats/full backseat but we do like the front seat heater controls between cup holder and phone charger and entertainment console updated, buttons instead of touchscreen menus and possibly the 360 camera but...

I'm not sure if it's worth the extra money.

but... (again) then It's a newer car and maybe the five seater will make a better second (or third if I want to sell/trade in) price.



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I don't know if it's got a 360 cam, but it really doesn't need one and I wouldn't pay extra to get it. The parking sensors and MFD proximity display, along with the rear cam (as long as you've cleaned it that day), offer everything you need for precision parking.

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