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Rev Counter. Aygo 2005

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Hi, I have aquired a Rev counter, from a 2012 on I think ?

Rev counter wires, which have been cut and plug removed are ; Red, White, Yellow, Brown, Blue.

Wiring from loom is ;                                                                       Red, Black, Green, Brown, Blue


Can anyone advise which connects to which please.

Thank you

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Did you give up on the Agila one then, do you have a part number of the rev counter


What car did it come from ?

Aygo tacho.pdf



Red - IG 12V

Black - RPM signal

Green - Illumination

Brown - Ground

Blue - Perm live


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So working this out from pictures, pinouts and C2 housing diagram

Looking at this and other pic's we can see yellow and white are next to each other and a blue


Looking at this one we can see that the brown is on the top row


Looking at another pic we can see 3 wires on the top row in positions 1, 2 and 4 the connector uses 5 pins of the 8, 3 on the top row ergo. 2 on the bottom row



Car Side

Red - IG 12V - Pin 1

Black - RPM signal - Pin 2

Green - Illumination - Pin 6

Brown - Ground - Pin 4

Blue - Perm live - Pin 5

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