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Differences T27 to T25 cars?

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I am thinking of getting a 2016 1.8 auto Business Edition Plus and have found a suitable car locally at the right price. The features that appeal being better headlights, cornering foglights, autonomous braking and a rear view camera. All good positive safety features. However I am a little thrown by the the current virus situation and the concept of buying a car without a test drive which I would normally never dream of doing, but these are strange times.

I am aware that the CVT auto box is more "revvy" than my 08 auto box,that the later car is a little larger and the 17" tyres a little harder on the ride. I am aware of the parking brake potential issues but have come to terms with the way that is particularly as the push button hand brake will be easier for my wife to use.

What other ride, handling or driving characteristics or differences are to be expected.in the newer car compared to my trusty current Avensis.

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I would try and get a test drive, just to make sure everything is okay! I have never been in or driven an auto Avensis, though I have driven a friends Rav4 CVT 2015 model, so I can't advise on Avensis CVT. I have early T27 Tourer (estate) and it has a firm ride, but not bumpy. It's hard to describe. For me controls are light. 
The most obvious difference is the passenger space, especially the rear. Since there is no hatchback, loose that little extra flexibility. That is why I went for the Tourer. 
Make sure you have a spare wheel. I had the space saver, but got a full size second hand alloy, because the space saver is half the width and does not feel safe to me. If I had a puncture on the front, the space saver would go on the rear, then the rear replace the front. 
Kit level is good. I have the brochure and see it has a lot of kit, that matches or betters the top version of the T27 at launch back in 2009. 
You need to check service history, and the car has at least 1 year Toyota Warranty.
Everything else is general condition of the car for wear, tear , scratches and dents.
I would say, it will be an upgrade. I jumped from my Mk1 T22 to Mk3 T27 and also did a comparison between my friends then T25 and my T27, both Tourer estates. 


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