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Today we clocked a big one.

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On the way home. from work the old girl passed the last mile in the 199,000s to be the first car I've owned with anything like this high mileage.


I have had cars up in the 130, 000s but that was them about to reach or near to reaching their very final stages of usefulness before the end comes.


This is not only the highest mileage I've seen in any of my cars but most probably she's the oldest car I have had. The oldest that I have had when I owned it.


I did have a 1976 R reg Ford Capri II 1.6 GL which is the oldest of all but as that was 1991 when I had it it was just 15 years old at the time. The old girl is a 2002 so she's 18 now or nearer to 19 actually.


I've owned and run this car far longer than any other I have owned as I have had it since the end of 2014/early 2015. I have been driving it continuously all that time so I've had in approx five and a half years. The mileage was in the early to mid 140, 000s so I've clocked more than 55,000 miles with her.


Bearing in mind I paid £600 for it I definitely consider I have had my moneys-worth out of this one.


The thing is I've been anticipating hitting 200,000 for months now as I got closer and closer to that total. It's a milestone that I think is quite remarkable. Whereas low mileage is what everyone rates in a used car I think this landmark is something to relish.


It's due it's MoT at the end of Jan 2021 and I don't see any reason why it won't pass on the day as it has done to date with only the mildest perp work required.


The engine, a 1ZZ motor is going strong still with great compression,with very little wear on the cam lobes etc. It's a 1ZZ so has an Oil problem but not it's not the burner of urban myth but seems to lose it from around the timing cover/tensioner area more rapidly as engine speed increases.


Btw, I keep referring to it as the old girl or my old girl. I've owned it for so long now. Driven it day in day out and quite often crank along at 90mph but I can state from experience that the quoted 125 mph top speed is very reachable, well 125mph on the clock speed is that's for sure. In other words, it's not had a slow, sedate life with me. I love high speed in cars and doing it along old country roads with sharp bends and corners.


She's no longer 'The Toyota', she's been put to the test and not found wanting and any car that survives and thrives in that situation is gping to earn my respect and affection. A pet name had to come. I'm not one for naming cars so in the end the 'old girl' seems to fit her right.


Now that we're starting into to the 200,000s I'll be interesting to know what the final total will be one day.


For now,she is going strong and has never once let me down so that eventual final mileage could well be a big one.


300,000 here we come 80e9e98ea37da5b19d401423be127513.jpg24ab5e20d2330b413f0546de32708567.jpgdce5727da9fdd5fc58b97c16524ba427.jpg


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Congratulations Bob, only another 38,000 to go and you will have reached the Moon !

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Congrats Bob.

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