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Toyota iq rear wiper fuse

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Does anyone know how to fully access the fuse box, my Toyota iQ is a uk right hand drive, the manual instructions are not great , the fuse box is located in the passenger footwell but it’s impossible to get any tool/hand in there to access any fuse. 

is there something I’m missing that I need to do to get access to this, i can see the blown 10A fuse, just getting it out is a problem. 

has anyone else had this issue before? 

Any help would be appreciated as I can’t find any relevant video or any info on this. 

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Hi ZaiQ

If you look at the following instructions done by Monkeyboy2283, they are for installing a Dashcam however it has very detailed instructions of how to get to the fuse box.


Hope this helps

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Hi @jamesstead 

thank you that’s informative, I’ll give it another try tomorrow it’s so compact and tight. So it’s just that one screw and I need to pull the trim of carefully right? 

also I bought the 280 Bosch wiper blade of Amazon, I’ve got the spoiler lip on the back, it got jammed there, so it’s the 250mm wiper blade that’s needs for IQs with the spoiler if anyone is having trouble. 

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i managed to get it open so weird the setup, looks like all fuses were intact so probably a problem with the wiper motor, hope its something else. I rang up the dealer to find out the price, £240 excluding VAT and labour to change the wiper motor. They're going for 25-50£ on eBay. i was shocked to hear that.

any idea on how to open the back boot panel? 



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Probably it's due to car's being so compact but couldnt the box be at seat level? I wanted to check where the fusebox is and seeing those pictures it scares me if car faces any damage i have to unclip the plastics

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