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a sticky indicator

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When I move the indicator lever  it "sticks".


ie the dashboard (and the actual) indicator lights don't flash.

With a little gentle pressure ,they do ,but this is unsafe as it takes my eye off the road.

Is there any way I can fix this or is it a garage job? Might I even need a new lever?

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Aside from that thread ,I have noticed quite a lot of dampness in the boot and hope that thoroughly drying out the car will obviate any need to open up the steering wheel.


I figure that any dampness in the air will  make any corrosion more likely to cause a problem.

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I guess you also suffer from the issue of water getting into the boot. Plenty of long topics on the forum about that.

Check your spare wheel, there still might be some water there, or corosion on the wheel, in worse case.

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