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Diesel leak

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I have a toyota Avensis 2.2 t180 2007, lately I have been smelling diesel when reversing and also struggling to start where it used to be straight off the mark being hesitant at junctions and having to give a lot of revs and slipping clutch 

Any thoughts

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When I had the same engine in my 2006 Lexus IS 220D my fuel tank leaked when full. never filled to max after. Injector seals leaked diesel and stunk the cabin out. Replaced the O rings myself cheap to buy from Lexus. Fuel filter clogged/water in diesel? Leak as said? Have you cleaned the EGR Valve?

Head gasket went and gladly scrapped it at 187,000 miles! 

Bought a 2015 Auris hybrid estate that's great. 30k miles now.

Also have a 1996 petrol  Volvo 940 Estate auto. On 205,000. Broke down for the first time in 4 years of ownership. Needed a new in tank fuel pump which I fitted myself. Cost me £80 for a Bosch replacement pump.



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