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Winter tyres/rims for iQ

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As we're moving to the wilderness, I thought it would be useful to swap my standard alloy rims and tyres (175/65 R15) on the 2009 auto iQ for a winter set.

Any advice on which rims to get? Do I need another set of alloys off eBay or will Aygo (or other Toyota) steel rims do? I do remember fitting a rim off an Aygo to the rear of the IQ without success - wheel fitted but would not rotate - handbrake problems?

Anyone faced and solved these problems? Thanks in advance.

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I recently bought a steel rim from a seller on a well known internet auction site. The object was to have a spare. I fitted a cheap none directional tyre to the rim. The rim fitted perfectly and the hub rotates without fouling anything. TOYOTA IQ STEEL WHEEL 5x15" 4/100 ET45. On the alloys on the car we fitted a set of Goodyear Vector 4 seasons all weather tyres. I guess it depends on how far into the wilderness you will be going. I don't know if an all season tyre will out perform a pure winter tyre.

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