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New Yaris launch Edition - trouble configuring some driver assistance items

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I have just taken delivery of my new Yaris launch edition and have been trying to setup the Road Sign Assitance warning methods via the steering wheel Meter control switch, but have come across this 'issue':

Namely with the power switch ON and selecting the RSA function via the meter switch up/down buttons, then having chosen Visual/audible as the type of notification method I want for when I go over the speed indicated by whichever speed limit my car has recognised, as well as 3mph over limit as warning point, I press & hold the meter OK control switch to set this notification method, then the Return to previous screen button to bring me back to my required driver information screen, I drive off and get clear visual & beeps warnings when I go 3 miles over an indicated speed limit........all good there then !

However after stopping my journey, the next time I start another journey I get no visual/audible over-the- speedlimit warnings (unless I go through the above process again) !! However I find though that the 3 mph over the limit setting I also chose the first time has 'stuck', so the method of warning is not ' sticking'.

I have informed my dealer who has tested their test car and they say theirs keep these settings even after power on/off cycles............as we are locked down I am trying to fix this myself can anyone share similar 'issues' or tell me if I'm doing something wrong?

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