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Auris Auto LED light problem

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This is my first post here.  I apologise if the answer is elsewhere in the forum but I have failed to find it.

We have a 2016 Auris Hybrid brought from a main dealer with Auto LED headlights and have a problem with them.

In midwinter when all windscreens mist up on the inside, the sensor window mists and disables the headlight auto dipping function leaving the headlights on main beam, this can be after half an hour of driving.  The car does give a warning message but it is so fleeting that it's more of a distraction to driving than useful.  LED headlights on main beam are a danger dazzling oncoming traffic.

The car was recalled before we brought it (2018) and a heating element was fitted in the sensor window.  The dealer following Toyota guidelines says it's OK now although it did mist up on an earlier test drive by the service manager. 

The windscreen does seem to get warm but when the outside temperature is around zero I’m not sure it gets hot enough to stop the misting.

I have two questions: Has anyone else had this problem? And how hot to the touch does your sensor window get?

Thank you, Clive Lorton

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Welcome to the owner's club!

Whilst you wait for an LED equipped Auris owner to report, an Auris with LED headlamps is really quite rare!  I have never spotted this problem being reported here on an Auris.

The Prius 4th generation (2016 - >) originally suffered from the same problem, if I remember correctly.  A heater element was fitted to the sensor window on owner's cars (later on) by the dealers.

There might be some information to be gleaned on this topic in the Prius section.

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If the car is misting try using your AC this will dehumidify the incoming/cabin air and drastically reduce the misting

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