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Mk2 diesel - starter motor specs questions

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Thinking of replacing my starter motor for a larger one (2.2kw from 1.4) ...  but looking at specs they all seem different!

So, how many teeth? 9, 10, 12?

Clockwise or anticlockwise!?

Any advice gratefully etc.


Many thanks in advance 🙂 

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I replaced mine at just bought the recommended 2.2kw one from eurocarparts

but if you're doing it because of hot start issues then please read my posts on that as a new starter may not be needed, I didn't know any better when i replaced mine.

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Cheers John

Yes, I'd seen your post, if it ever stops raining I'll clean them today 🙂

Just looking for options 😉

Eurocarparts gave me the answer tho... 10 teeth, clockwise!   

Thanks for taking the time 👍

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ECP is rarely the cheapest source for anything, often they are horrifically expensive, then use ‘sale’ marketing to justify the ‘Amazing’ discounts. Please don’t fall for it.

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