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Injectors and Check VSC system issue

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I have a Toyota Verso 2.0 d4d year 2012 that just went over 127 000 Km.

The car have been working good until 2 months ago when a stopped in traffic in a cloud of white smoke. In this case the car managed to start once and then did not start at all. The car showed the check VSC system, with engine, ESP and attention lights lit. Diesel fuel traces on the exhaust pipe. Took it to service and they found the injector o cylinder 3 has lived its live. Changed the injector, motor Oil, Oil filter and fuel filter.

After 1000km on low speed 30km/h the engine start knocking around 1700rpm with no sound above or below. I was thinking I can manage 5 km home with low speed and careful drive. Wrong thinking, in 200m I see a cloud of white smoke behind the car with just 100m to a gas stop. I manage to get to gas stop while car was revving up itself to 2500rpm. The car showed the check VSC system, with engine, ESP and attention lights lit. Fuel traces on the exhaust pipe. This time the car was ok to start. Towed it to service and diagnosis was injector cylinder 2. Changed the injector, motor Oil and Oil filter. 

Yesterday I drove it into a closed garage and noticed that was stinking very bad I did not realized was my vehicle the cause. I believe is all the smoke and fuel that came through the exhaust. Mechanic told that will possible smoke for a while until the exhaust is totally cleared.

Today I did a 20km on highway with 110km/h, and 6km on a 70km/h then when driving on 40km/h the warning came on: check VSC system, with engine, ESP and attention lights lit.  Stopped listened to the engine, no weird sound, looked at the exhaust, nothing special there. Turn off the engine, turn it on, the error disappear but the engine sign remain on. Ok, that is the remainder that there was a fault. Run 100m and then appear again the check VSC system with all the rest of lights. With the lights on I manage to get it home. During the trip I notice that the engine keep the 800 rpm in idle, no smoke behind revs up quite ok.

I let it cool down and then I disconnected the Battery and then connected again. Error is erased and then I take it out for a test drive again to see if I can get the error again. I was suspecting some sensors are disturbed by the dirty exhaust as the idle was good and no smoke. I drove it 1.5 hour, highway 110km/h, city 50Km/h and fast line road 90km/h. No signs of the problem no error. During this test run I had the feeling that three times has a very short sudden power drop almost feeling like running over a bump. 

The service told to change the two remaining injectors (the car has the Denso system), but I wonder what else need to done.  Why two injectors failed within one month, why still the VSC error? 

If you have any experience with what need to be done after exhaust contamination with fuel is it normal to stink? what about the sensors? I am thinking that I need to clean the EGR valve after these events. 

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Had to drive to work and on the way and after 20 min drive the check VSC system, with engine, ESP and attention lights came back again.

Now is back to the service to check what is the error.


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