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Toyota Previa Vague Steering and Improvement Suggestions

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Hi all,

Apologies in advance if I've been a complete noob and put this in the wrong Forum but I couldn't see a Previa specific forum and the Estima was the closest to it?  Just purchased a high mileage but well serviced Previa, 2004, 2.4 petrol auto box.  All seems well and it has a new MOT with no advisories.  However, I find the steering quite vague, even in a straight line, no clonks, uneven tire wear or anything obvious but it reminds me of my old Mark 1 Discovery with it's old steering box and boat like controls regardless of how many drop links and ball joints you replaced!

I know it's an MPV and I don't expect it to drive like a car but I'm assuming that not much has been done since the factory on the steering so was looking for suggestions to improve it please.  I've bought some poly wotsit bushes for the steering rack, I do the work myself and tend to spend more money replacing stuff whilst I have it apart and don't mind spending a few quid on parts.  Any other parts I should replace that would help sharpen up the steering, at least keeping it in a straight line!  I was thinking the sway bar drop links, track rod ends as a start or am I barking up the wrong tree?

The rear bushes have been done previously, the ones that do go and cause the car to sway a bit so I think it's all about the front.



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Hard to say...the Previa/Estima has always had very "light" steering....depends what you are used to or expected I guess.

I don't find it unduly vague though and I've had my Esti over 4 years now.

You could stick it on a ramp and have a look see I guess but as the last MOT didn't generate any advisories then I can't see that too much can be actually wrong.?

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Thanks for the reply Neil, hmm, you're quite right of course, there's nothing "wrong" as such if the MOT didn't pick it up, they'd at least note some wear or give on bushes, drop links, wishbones etc.  I guess that as I've never driven another Previa I might be setting my expectations too high.  My most recent cars have been a Honda Accord Tourer and Jaguar S Type so not the best comparator!  I will have a look but again if I wanted to give myself some work and spend some money what would I replace?

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14 minutes ago, lilmountain said:

By the way, is the right forum to post questions on Previa's then?

Certainly is...Estima/Previa...basically the same vehicle.

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