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Mk1 brake disc spec

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I'm about to order new pads and discs on my Mk1 1.6 petrol.

Just popped out to confirm if the pads are vented or not (fronts are) but the rear discs have a cover round them so I can't see or feel if they're solid or vented without talking the wheel off. So to save me the extra faff, does anybody know? Thanks in advance.



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1 hour ago, Stivino said:

I'm 99% certain the rears won't be vented.

And btw, it's the discs that are vented, not the pads.

Thanks and yes, my slip up 😄

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1 hour ago, flash22 said:

Rears are usually solid on anything sub 300bhp


Thing is I was sure my Mk1 Leon (car before Auris) was a 110bhp TDi with vented all round, wanted to double check.

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When you order make sure you get painted or coated against rust, otherwise in less than a month they will look same as the old one. Brembo, Blueprint APEC are good value for money. 

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