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Auris 2016 Dashboard Removal


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Easiest option  would be to go to Toyota website, should be https://www.toyota-tech.eu/

Pay for hourly access, 3 euros or something, find the manual, print, or just download as PDF.

I removed the dash on my 2007 Auris, to replace EPS module, in an out it was roughly 2 hour job, first time, with printed manuals, and a youtube video of some Polish guy doing the same.

One thing i can advise, if you need to remove the A pillars plastic, to get the dash out,  they have strong plastic clips, that hold it, in case of crash, so that the airbag can deploy, but it the plastic does not go flying into your face. The manual will say to cut them, but since it can be problematic to get them, you can just get needle nose pliers, bend them 90 degres, remove the plastic, do the same when putting it back.

Check youtube, there should be some manuals there also, but the Toyota stuff is definitely worth the money, in this case.

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