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Black Stuff in the gear oil

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Today i changed the gear Oil while i'm filling my transmission i found something like very fine black particle or sediments swimming with the Oil this stuff only shown when i'm trying to get last drop of Oil from the bottle but when the bottle is full of Oil and filling the transmission, the Oil is crystal clear, i don't know, Is that normal? Hint: the bottle is black i don't know, Is that from the plastic of the bottle ? the date on the bottle is 3/19 i guess is not old

Type of gear Oil is: Meguin 75W-90 API GL4+

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I'm no expert on these topics, but, I have come across similar situations before, most recently in the last few days, with a 5 litre container of Toyota branded engine Oil, in a light grey container, so quite obvious on that occasion. 

I think you are seeing the settling out of an Oil additive. I doubt very much it has anything to do with the container at all. 

You could have shaken the container before using it, to mix it back in, but using it without doing this will not present a problem. I suspect it is quite a common occurrence, but people aren't looking out for it. I only noticed similar in my engine Oil container because I cut the top off it in an effort to re-purpose/recycle it.

The brand of Oil you mention is not available in this part of the world, so can't comment on that.... 

There is an oddly-named forum that deals with all things relating to Oil - "Bob is the Oil guy". There is a lot of information from posters, some of whom clearly work in the Oil industry.  Worth a try if you're not too busy. 



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