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Toyota Auris 2007 navigation

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Hi everyone,

I just bought a Toyota Auris 2007, with the touchscreen navigation system. Now I wanna put a new navigation system into it, as the old one is not working properly anymore.

It looks like the systems that are put in a Toyota Corolla are the same as in the Auris (dashboard wise).

Can anyone explain to me if there's a difference between them?

Kind regards,


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Don't know how much one from Corolla costs, but you should also consider 3rd party units. They usually cost around 200 euros on ebays, aliexpress, and alike.

Not all are perfect fit though, you also need to buy a fascia plate, and adapter loom, but should be well worth the money, as you basically get an android and can install whatever you want on it.

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I researched this a lot. When it comes to 3rd party there are basically two good options:

  1. Buy a name-brand headunit with Apple Carplay and/or Android Auto support (I do not recommend no-name devices under $100). In this case, your basis for navigation will be your mobile phone which will be connected to the headunit;
  2. Or, buy a headunit that has TomTom navigation.


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Why dont you buy a 3rd party unit that has access to google play, that way you can download offline navigation, but even the online ones, like Waze, now offer offline option.

In this case you can use your home wifi to download everything you need.

Roughly the price for such unit is around 180GBP, with cables included, no fascia needed, fits right in, and should be plug and play, no cable splitting.


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