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Gearbox/Clutch/other issue?

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Hello, hopefully someone can advise/help me out 😊

I purchased my Aygo “Go” last month (an “old” 2012 Mk1 - Automatic), mainly for commuting purposes.

It’s a great car, but I have one “issue”.

When pulling away (not flooring it) in 1st gear, it feels like it’s going to stall (sort of like a fuel starvation/clutch/gearbox issue), but from 2nd gear onwards all is fine.

If however I “crawl” away in 1st gear it’s fine, and again no issues.

I’ve plugged my ODB reader in (cheap one) and no codes flag up, and recently plugged in a TechStream laptop (again nothing “obvious” - no error codes).

Not sure how best to diagnose the issue, so was hoping someone could help?

Thanks in advance,


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Thanks furtula,

I am USELESS with cars, but have ordered a Haynes Manual, and will check Gearbox fluid level and Oil at weekend.


The car was from a Toyota “approved” dealer, and had “apparently” had a full service before delivery.  However, as the paint work hadn’t been touched up (as requested), I’m not convinced even that was done......

Anyway, thanks again....and will report back at weekend 😊


All the best,


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One for the dealer to sort, Frostyballs will pick up on this no doubt, and advise you. Don’t touch the problem, if you do the dealer may have a way out.

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Thank you both.

I did get a 2 x week no-quibble return on the car (I was trading in my old car) but other than that nothing.

Was a bit “tricky”, as the garage I bought it from was about 2 1/2 hrs drive from home, due to current conditions were not able to deliver the car, and had just started new job....so was difficult to find/make the time to get it back up to the dealership.

As you say, the “full service” probably WAS just an Oil change, as the paint work hadn’t been touched up (the sales lady did a quick go over with a touch up pen as we waited), the “Valet” looked more like the kind of thing I would do......quick bucket of water and hoover (wasn’t “spotless”), etc.

That said, I’ve been driving it for a couple of months now, and other than this first gear/cold start “issue”, no other issues at all (thankfully)......

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I read that "2 week no quibble return" means for no matter what reason you can return it, so if you decide its not big enough, or wife doesnt like colour of the seats thrn you can return it, "no quibble".

I have "pinched" the link below from a previous post by Frostyballs, he recomended reading the section relating to faults found within the first 6 months (you have missed the "first 4 week" rule - remember for the future)


I dont know what gearbox they have in a 2012 Aygo, but if it is a mmt auto I would waste anytime acting on this, mmt never had a good reputation. But anyway, you need to protect your investment and get the problem sorted.


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Thanks for the info.

Yes, it’s the MMT Gearbox.....from what I have read online (never a mistake of course 😉), it might be the idle control valve thing (told you I’m technical)..... it happens all the time, but only at really slow speeds.......like having an old car that needs more choke.  Then when out of first gear speeds, all absolutely fine.....

My Haynes manual turned up today, so will run through the checklist this weekend, might get my mechanic friend to check out for me too, and if anything “serious” will definitely use the consumer rights act info you kindly linked to 😊

Thank you,


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Just a quick update (was waiting for som free time to do the jobs).


Changed Oil, Filter and spark plugs last week.  Oil didn’t look too bad, but not convinced it was done pre delivery.....


Car ran smoother (obviously no effect on Gearbox, but just ran smoother as you might expect).


Yesterday changed Transmission fluid (along with new drain/re-fill seals).  Only done about 5 x miles since changing, but already it’s so much better!  Gear changes felt “snatchy” before, but now feel (relatively) silky smooth.


Drained the transmission fluid and only 1 litre came out (instead of 1.7 litres).  When we filled it up, it took pretty much 2 litres .....


Fluid coming out had no bits in it, but was relatively dark, so obviously needed doing.


Hopefully will continue to run smoothly.



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