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Toyota Auris 2013 - Flickering Hybrid System Indicator light

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Hi, I’ve noticed a problem with my Toyota Auris Hybrid 2013 - 1.8 VVT-i HSD 5-Dr.

Sometimes, when the engine on idle and/or when driving, the Hybrid System Indicator light and/or the “P”Shift Position indicator on the dashboard start to flicker. This issue came 1 or 2 years ago and disappeared itself. When I took it to the dealer at the time, they only checked for error codes (waste of money) but nothing could be found. It seems like the issue has reoccurred but this time I managed to capture it on a video. “P”Shift Position indicator light was flickering but now it has disappeared completely (when driving or on idle). However, “P” is shown when shifted to parking (if that makes sense?)

The car has been serviced throughout by the Toyota dealership and the batteries were checked good all the time.

Have you seen anything like this before? Is this a loose connection?

The link to the youtube video is below.


Many thanks.

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I have exactly the same problem on the same age of car.

There are four LEDs that illuminate that dial.  They are wired in pairs.  One of one pair of LEDs is either badly soldered or actually failing - which causes the other half of the pair to flicker in unison too.  So two LEDs are flickering in together.


In this picture of our car, the LEDs that illuminate the dial are shown with the red arrows.  The two LEDs that are rightmost are the ones that are flickering in your dash.

The Toyota repair is a new instrument cluster, which is expensive.  I have repaired ours, but it is a fiddly repair, I'm just evaluating the repair done.  The LEDs are not expensive, but finding one that is a good brightness/white balance match is not so easy.

See :-



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[There is no edit function any more on this forum, so I am adding a new post.]

I should add that our problem is exactly like your video, but we don't suffer with the gear selector indicator problem that you mention.  But that is almost certainly the same type of problem, but on another LED.

Here is the entire cluster with the dials and needles removed.



And the left hand part of the cluster with some of the LEDs lit.


Very Christmassy!

You'll notice that one of the 4 (previously red-arrowed) white LEDs has a slight blue tinge.  This is the one I have replaced.

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