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2009 Yaris - Rear Tailgate Electrics Failure

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All Electric items of the tailgate have failed - 2009 model:

Failed items:

1. Heated window element.

2. Rear tailgate brake light.

3. Rear windscreen wiper.

4. Rear central locking activation.


Must be a bad earth or failed connection  - any ideas and locations?

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Did they all stop working at the same time?

If so, try looking at the wiring in the rubber grommet situated near the top left hinge for broken or damaged cables.

Also check for blown fuses. ( I don't have access to my wiring diagrams at the moment),

Has the car had accident damage to the rear end recently?

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What he said :withstupid:


Check the powers and grounds on the tailgate the earth point is visible

if it was the main ground point (behind the rear 1/4 trim) you would have lighting issues


It may have failed over time, and you have not realized

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