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Loud engine - Corolla E12 2002

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Hey guys, the noise from my engine is loud. Recently found a video on YouTube describing the noise. 

My engine sounds exactly the same as the one in the video. I looked online, most people suggest the zz series of engines as loud. What do you guys suggest? 

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I have the same car, 1.6 vvt and the same sounding engine. My car has over 280 000 km and this sound has been present for the last 2 years and over 20 000 km. I went to Toyota dealers 2 times (who said that they don't hear anything), as well as a private shop where the mechanic acknowledged the sound  but told me that it's probably valve tappets that got more noisy over time but that I don't have to worry about it.

The car is starting and driving completely normally, no excessive consumption of Oil or patrol . As I understand it is a fairly big job to replace tappets so I decided to leave it alone.

Hope this helps you in your case.

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Just drive until something breaks down, it’s an older car and some noise from drivetrain is to be expected. Engine flush, new quality Oil and filter and eventually the right additives inside the Oil as suggestions only at this point. , I personally wouldn’t bother looking into it as long as the car drives fine. 👍🚗

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