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Apple Carplay via Bluetooth adapter?

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Hey everyone,


So after weeks of searching I finally managed to get my hands on a new X-touch screen from the Facelift Aygo that has Apple Carplay and its now been installed into my 2015 Toyota Aygo and I am very happy!


My questions is, is anyone using an adapter to allow Carplay to work wirelessly without the charging cable? I have seen some adapters on eBay but they say they do not work with Factory fitted screens and only android based ones, just wondered if anyone had any luck with any adapters?



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  • TescoExpress changed the title to Apple Carplay via Bluetooth adapter?

I bought a cplay2air adapter during their recent Black Friday promotion and am pleasantly surprised by it.  It initially connects my iPhone and head-unit by bluetooth, before then switching to its own WiFi for the streaming. 


Unlike the cheap eBay offerings which have swathes of negative reviews, the cplay2air seemed to have a lot of positive reviews and firmware updates seem to be regular to add new model compatibility.

It works well with the Aygo, but I do get some audio glitches but I’m not sure they’re any more prevalent than you’d get with a standard bluetooth connection. 

Siri works perfectly and all the steering wheel controls operate as expected.

Overall a reserved recommendation, but I’m deferring a wholehearted recommendation until I ascertain whether the glitching is down to the dongle of my ‘phone. 

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I've been using the cplay2air adapter from the day after I got my Aygo at the end of October, and am very pleased with it.

I'm not experiencing the audio glitches that S_J_P is having so I can give an unreserved recommendation - I'm using an iPhone 11 Pro if that makes any difference?

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Thanks both. I have seen mixed reviews on the cplay2air adapters. I have heard about this "audio glitch" but then again without trying I wont know!


Will give this adapter a go and report back. Thanks!

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