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2ZR-FAE 1.8 CVT shudder at low speeds

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Hi guys, hopefully you can share your experience on this:


When I travel at low speed I notice that the car sort of shudders while maintaining that low speed, if I take my foot off the accelerator the shuddering stops, when I put foot back on to maintain low speed it starts again, but if I put my foot down further, the shudder stops.
Although my car is an automatic (cvt), I would describe the problem as if I was driving a manual car in 4th gear on the motorway, then slowing down to say 30km p/h and keeping it in 4th gear, a manual car would start to shudder which would indicate the driver needs to change to a lower gear.

Then took it to my mechanic who came for a drive with me, he felt the shudder but didn't know what it could be. He just said not to worry about it.


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Best to go to another mechanic, someone who knows these cars, preferably Toyota dealer or independent specialist, all of that can be related to the gearbox or engine. 👍

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