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FAQs about brake pads

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Here are some frequently asked questions about brake pads that you might want to know. Hope this post helpful for you 😗

Q: What's a brake pad?

Brake pads are parts generally made of metals used to slow down the car. It's the one that scratches the brake rotor.

Q: Why are my brake pads wearing down fast?

There are several reasons to understand why the brake pads wear out easily. However, the most common reason is your driving habit, which may be an excessive amount of brake use.

Q: Are the brake pads and brake calipers the same thing?

No, the brake calipers and the brake pads are two separate parts. Brake pads are located inside the brake caliper. The brake caliper is what pushes the brake pads against your car's brake rotor.

Q: How long do brake pads last?

Your braking habits will impact on the durability of your brake pads. If you always drive your car at high speeds, your brake pads can wear faster due to high temperatures and high-pressure applications.

Q: What are the different types of brake pads?

There are three common types of brake pads, namely organic, metallic, and ceramic.

Do you have any further questions about brake pads? Feel free to comment below and I'll answer all 😬

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i found out when u buy those motor factor brake pads and discs they are not good quality as they will warp after a while i had the problem with my vw .so with this toyota i am going to stick with and buy genuine original discs and pads .dose anyone know where to get toyota genuine pads and discs . i see the genuine toyota pads are textar but not sure about discs . dose anyone know where to get genuine pads and discs online or do i have to go to the toyota dealer 

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1 minute ago, Stivino said:

What motor factor brake pads are you referring to? 

cant remember the brands but m8t they were junk on a 1.9tdi i had the discs warped in not many months .not to say the car got abuse so with this toyota going to go for genuine discs and pads. i was looking at those  ferodo they seem like a good brand alright but. can they be got or bought online and sent to nothern ireland m8t

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There is no such a thing warped disc, it’s just popular call on something that has nothing to do with warping. Baddy fixed, or badly bedded in brakes are the cause of this “warped disc” occurrence. Pretty much any brake disc will do the job on regular car if fitted correctly and good quality brake pads been used . Buy genuine, this is a good choice, however sometimes you can get same quality parts or even better at lower price. Brake pads I am using EBC Ultimax , disc last change were Blueprint, all good so far after many miles.👍

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