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question to mechanics please.


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Hi guys, I own an Estima Emina 1994, not been on the road for a while, i've taken it on the motorway few days ago for test drive and as i got the speed to around 58-60mph and i was doing 3500rpm it start to over heat and engine light came on, whenever i drop the speed the engine light disappear, and alsoi've never checked the stick on the right but when i did it had no oil whatsoever i mean the orange one, the other yellow oil level stick had low oil and the oil is really dark need changing.. will sort later it does need servicing but i just need to know if it's worth it, i love the van so much and it has a lot of memories not sure what to do would you please advice me what to do.
one last thing actually the oil cap is broken and oil start to leak out so any advice on how to get a replacement from around York area please?
thank you and merry Christmas and happy new year
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Put some oil in it and hope you haven't done any damage, sounds like it needs a good service, i take it you have a current MOT, Tax and Insurance on it

Orange cap if its an auto it for the transmission fluid


oil caps..............

Possibly 1 of 2, the change over is 03/1994

92-94       12180-76010

94-99       12180-76011


PM me a vin and i can confirm the build date and correct cap

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