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Is my hybrid battery working?

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Hi, n00b question. I've got a Estima AHR20R 2007 Hybrid. I don't think I'm getting the 'hybrid' level of fuel efficiency that I expected from it. Maybe I was expecting too much, I'm not sure. it's got about a 50litre tank and I'm getting about 550km out of it. When I first picked it up, it showed 900km on the dash board..

Is there a button that I'm supposed to push to kick in the hybrid function? or is there a symbol on the dashboard that shows it's running with it's hybrid powers? It's all in japanese so I don't know what I'm looking at...



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hay there 

i was wondering the same thing. our 03 estima hybrid was getting 10.0k per liter during test drive. after we found the live fuel consumption page we are now getting 13.1 k per liter with carful driving. we live in Vancouver bc with no highways through town so there is a lot of stop and go to get anywhere.

i'm going to get the Battery cycled and tested, i hope we get better.


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